Hey guys and today we’re gonna take a look at Atlas who has received a fantastic new mechanic in the form of a rubble where petrified enemies will drop rubble upon death and you can run over the rubble to pick it up which one either heal you or if you’re at full health it will temporarily boost your armor.

Now, this is just fantastic because the addition of this one simple mechanic fixed pretty much all the issues that Atlas used to have. So, I use on Atlas two builds and I switch between them based on what I’m doing. And today I have for you the One Punch Build which focuses mostly on Landslide. And next time I’ll show you the Atlas Petrify Build.

Atlas One Punch Build

Atlas One Punch Build that I use

So, let’s kick it off with the Atlas One Punch Build. This one is using Steel Charge as its aura because it actually increases the damage of Landslide and then I’m using Primed Flow so I can bank a ton of energy and use Tectonics and Petrify all the time on top of spamming Landslide. Next up I have Fleeting Expertise that’s two ranks from the top to save on some duration and Streamline for almost maxed out efficiency.

After that, we have Power Drift and Transient Fortitude for some power strength so Landslide does more damage and Hunter Adrenaline which is basically just a better version of Rage, so as we take damage we will generate energy. Then I’m using the Path of Statues augment which will make Landslide leave behind a trail that will Petrify enemies. However, this works very sporadically which is why I have Primed Flow so I can spam Petrify. But if you don’t feel like the augment is doing enough for you, you can just slap on Stretch so that your Petrify has more range. And we top it all off with Vitality for some health and Steel Fiber for armor.

I found that the Path of Statues augment is really good versus tougher enemies because if they survive the first punch they will get petrified which means they will take more damage from the second punch and drop rubble. But as I’ve said already if you don’t feel like the augment is doing enough for you just slap on Stretch and Petrify the enemies before you start landsliding.

Atlas Landslide ability affected by mods on melee weapon

But that’s not the whole One Punch Build because Landslide is also affected by a bunch of mods on your melee weapons, not the stats of your melee weapon. So, you can put it on whatever you want. So, it’s affected by damage which is why I have Primed Pressure Point and Spoiled Strike. It’s also affected by the melee combo counter which is why I have Drifting Contact here. However, if you can fit in Body Count use that instead. I can’t because of the way I forma it.

Then it’s affected by impact damage mod so I have Primed Heavy Trauma, Collision Force, and my riven which adds impact damage. And finally, elemental damage. So, once again the riven mode, shocking touch, and Primed fever strike. However, this build will pretty much break your weapon. It is gonna be too slow and almost unusable. So, if you don’t want to do that you can use a build like this.

melee weapon build that doesn't make your weapon unusable

This build isn’t gonna give you as much Landslide damage as the first build but it’s still pretty good and makes the weapon actually usable. I’m not actually sure if riven mods contribute towards Landslide because there is no mention of it on the wiki and that the damage was kind of all over the place when I was testing it. But anyway this is one hell of a build.

How does Atlas One Punch Build perform?

Now, it was really good even before the changes but now that you can actually heal yourself and get some extra armor it’s amazing. It still doesn’t have to tract enough damage but the additional of rubble fix basically the only issue this build had which was chip damage. The Atlas One Punch Build already did a ton of damage and was immune to damage during landsliding before the changes the problem there was that if the mission went on for long enough you would eventually die to the random chip damage that would happen in between Landslides. And that’s now naturally countered by you picking up rubble and healing yourself so the changes basically took a build that was already fun and really strong and turned it into an unstoppable monster. And that makes me very happy because punching things with Atlas is one of the most fun things you can do in the game.

So, that’s pretty much it for Atlas One Punch Build. I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.