Hey guys and welcome to another warfare build. Today we’re going to take a look at Rhino Stomp Build.

By the way, I was already made two Rhino Builds: Rhino Iron Skin Build and Rhino Roar Build. So, check them out if you are interested.

So, Rhino Stomp Build is focused around the Reinforcing Stomp Augment. This is an augment that I didn’t like at the start but the more I play with it the more I like it. And Energy Siphon is our Aura mod. This one is actually really good on this setup because you’re gonna be stomping a lot so you are gonna need a lot of energy. Then I’m running Transient Fortitude and Intensify for power strength. I didn’t want to use Blind Rage because that would absolutely butcher the efficiency and makes them far too expensive. Also, this is more than enough power strength for what this build is supposed to do. It’s not supposed to be like super endgame.

Warframe Rhino Stomp Build

Then I have Stretch and Cunning Drift for some power range so are Stomp actually covers a decently large area. I’m then using Gladiator Aegis, Steel Fiber, and Armored Agility. These beefs up our Iron Skin and gives us a little bit of sprint speed in the case of Armored Agility which is really nice as well. Then I had to bump up the power efficiency so Stomp isn’t as expensive and I decided to go with a fully ranked Fleeting Expertise. And the final mod on the menu here is Reinforcing Stomp which is an augment for Rhino Stomp which recovers a portion of your Iron Skin whenever you hit an enemy with Stomp.

How does Rhino Stomp Build perform?

The build is absolutely bonkers when it comes to lower levels though it is somewhat effective at higher levels as well. You have enough power strength to keep your Iron Skin constantly chopped off until you go to like high sorties and you’re doing enough damage to one shot everything up to sort of level 30. This is kind of the opposite of Rhino Iron Skin Build though you are still using Iron Skin to keep yourself safe. You’d be kind of mad if you didn’t. And it’s for when you don’t want to use your weapons and you just want to stomp your way through lower level missions. Though as I have mentioned already it is somewhat effective at high levels as well. Because even though we don’t have a ton of duration so the enemies don’t hover in the air for too long once you stomp. It will still knock them down so you get a ton of crowd control here. But bear in mind that once you start fighting higher level enemies that just say 35 and above they won’t probably go down in one stomp especially the beefier units. But it’s still a really fun setup that’s awesome for crowd controlling entire rooms filled with enemies.

And that’s it for the article. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed the article. I thank you very much for reading and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.