Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe build article. Update 22.17.3 came out with four Augment Mods. The most interesting one is definitely the mod for Ivara - Concentrated Arrow.

Concentrated Arrow is an amazing mod. And in this article, I want to show you how good this mod actually is and what you can do with it, so without further ado, let’s begin!

An unmodded Artemis Bow shoots seven arrows at once - horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, depending on how long you gonna charge the bow. Worth noting that punch through of Artemis Bow is capable of killing many enemies in a straight line. But what happens if you equip Concentrated Arrow?

Concentrated Arrow removes the punch through and reduces the number of arrows to just one. At first, it may sound a little bit weird. But trust me, this mod has a great effect! By the way, landing headshots are really important with Concentrated Arrow. Headshots have a crit chance of 50% and the arrow explodes in seven meters radius! And because the radius can be increased with range mods.. just imagine something like Lenz explosion but in a radius of almost twenty meters and without the delay.

The damage is just incredible and also scales with ability strength mods. It is important to know that the damage remains the same, no matter if you charge the bow or not and that means a fire rate mod is not really necessary. The Ivara Concentrated Arrow Build is perfect for killing lots of enemies on basically all kind of missions. If you like Ivara before or Bows in general, you will definitely like this Ivara build. Whether you’re fighting against low-level or high-level enemies(Corpus Techs level 150 or Heavy Gunner level 150) with this Ivara Build it’s no problem at all!

The Artemis Bow Build has many variations. A build for your bow can look like this:

  • Serration, Split Chamber, and Heavy Caliber for the damage

  • Point Strike and Vital Sense for crit stats

  • Infected Clip and Stormbringer for corrosive damage

  • And, because you don’t need any fire rate mods, Primed/Fast Hands to spam your arrows as fast as possible

Dread Build for Ivara Artemis Bow

Replaceable mods are Primed/Fast Hands and especially Heavy Caliber. If you want more accuracy, definitely replace Heavy Caliber with something else. For example, with Vigilante Armaments to enhance your crits.

And against higher armored units you can build your bow for Viral which with slash tricks of Hunter Munitions are really strong. Also, you can use either the higher elemental mods or the Dual Stat mods for more status chance, it’s up to you.

Artemis Bow Build that nice against hige-level enemies

The build for Ivara itself really depends on what you are doing. The main focus is your ability range with Overextended, Stretch, Cunning Drift, and/or Augur Reach(250% range = 17.5m, 280% range = 19,6m explosion radius). If you want to spam your arrows without any energy problems use Streamline and Fleeting Expertise for the efficiency and Primed/Flow for a huge energy pool. And if you want to use Prowl or Navigator as well, you really need a duration mod such as Primed/Continuity to reduce your channeling cost.

Ivara Concentrated Arrow Build that I use

If you don’t really care about your other abilities, fill those slots with strength mods. Even your range and efficiency mods can be replaced but only for higher endless missions and if you have Arcane Energize.

Well, that’s pretty much it for the Ivara Concentrated Arrow Build. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.