Hey guys and today we’re gonna take a look at the Nova Slow Build.

So, the aura I am using for the Nova Slow Build is Energy Siphon for some extra energy because Molecular Prime is pretty expensive and you’re pretty much gonna be spamming it with this Nova build so the extra energy is really nice. Though if you don’t care about that you can run something like Corrosive Projection.

Then I’m using Primed Continuity, Augur Message, and Narrow Minded which gives me a ton of duration so the wave lasts longer and thus expands further. And it also increases the duration of the Molecular Prime debuff. And Narrow Minded here is very important because it will kill our range. And I will talk about why that’s important in a little bit.

Nova Slow Build that I use

Then you kind of have an open mod slot and you can put whatever you want in here. I’m personally using Primed Flow because I like having a bigger energy bank to store energy. And for my defensive mod, I’m using Primed Vigor which adds an absolutely ungodly amount of effective HP because of Null Star. Because Null Star, Nova’s first ability, will summon small stars that will orbit around you and each one of those stars will provide 5% damage reduction which caps at 90%. This Nova build has 13 of them.

But there is a problem with that because the Null Star will randomly target enemies within a certain range and shoot off to them doing damage and disappearing forever. So, your damage reduction will constantly drain down. This is why we are reducing our range with Narrow Minded to reduce the area in which these stars will target enemies. So, we have to be really close to them for the stars to go off. But like it or not it will happen anyway. You will slowly lose your stars throughout the mission whether it is from melee enemies charging you or just you running too close to them.

And this creates another problem because you cannot recast Null Star while you already have stars orbiting around you. This is why we’re using the Neutron Star Augment which allows detonating the remaining stars. It’s working kind of like the Iron Skin Augment for Rhino. So, whenever you start losing stars you can just detonate them and recast them to get the full damage reduction.

Then for a little bit of efficiency, I’m using Streamline to make our abilities little bit cheaper because we’re gonna be spamming Molecular Prime and Null Star as well so we need some efficiency to keep our energy up. And we top it off with Transient Fortitude and Power Drift for some strength. Now, I know some people would consider this to be too much strength because it goes over the cap of slow which caps at 75% but it also increases the explosion damage you get whenever you kill that Primed enemy which should not be underestimated that explosion can do a ton of damage especially if it chains.

There is a reason why this Nova build has been around for of years at this point and many people still use it. It is really strong. You have massive damage reduction from Null Star. And Molecular Prime… I mean you’re slowing everything down to a crawl. You’re putting a 200% damage multiplier on everything and whenever you kill a Primed enemy it will AoE everything around.

It’s one of my favorite builds to run with snipers or single-shot weapons. It’s just really fun. It complements those kinds of weapons really well in my opinion because the number one you get some extra AoE from the explosions which are always nice for single-shot weapons. And number two, since it also slows the enemies down it makes much easier to hit them and even headshot which does a ton of damage, especially with single-shot rifles or snipers. It’s just a really cool Nova build. It works fantastically for solo play and it’s really good in a party setting as well. It just has a little bit of everything: it provides crowd control, it’s beefy, and it provides extra damage as well.

And that’s pretty much it for the Nova Slow Build. Now, of course, this build will work on Nova Prime as well as the standard version. It may just require a little bit of forma on the regular Nova. And I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.