Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe article and update 22.18 is here and it brought a bunch of new stuff. And most interesting are a new frame Khora and a new game mode called Sanctuary Onslaught about which we are going to talk about today!

How To Access Sanctuary Onslaught?

Well, first of all, make sure that you already completed the New Strange Quest. After that, you can access Sanctuary Onslaught by going to any of the relays, going to Cephalon Simaris and selecting the “I wish to attend Sanctuary Onslaught” option.

How to access Sanctuary Onslaught by going to Cephalon Simaris

This will transport you to the Sanctuary where you end up with three other party members shall commence and especially fierce attack, also known as Onslaught, hence the name.

new game mode Sanctuary Onslaught

Now, this is basically the endless tower concept from Action RPGs with a twist. The game will pick a random tileset and then generate a very small mission. It’s usually one to three rooms and it will then pick a random faction and spawn a random subset of that faction. So it’s not just going to spawn Grineer, but sometimes you’re going to get Kuva Grineer instead. And the objective here is pretty simple, kill as many things as fast as possible because killing enemies gives you a conduit efficiency, and if you’re not killing them fast enough and it goes down to zero, the Onslaught is over. Now, each zone will last two and a half minutes before the next conduit portal opens and you can go to the next one and you’ll get a nice focus booster at the start. You basically get the focus pickup and it can get a nice chunk of focus right at the start.

Now, there is also a set amount of efficiencies stimulus pickups in each mission, and those will give you a nice boost to efficiency. However, the number of these changes based on the difficulty of the Onslaught but also the zone. So, if you’re playing the normal version of Onslaught, you will start with four of these Efficiency Stimulus and it slowly goes down and by the time you get to zone 11, which is as far as I got this far, you will only have one. However, if you’re playing the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught version, which we’ll talk about in a little bit, even the first zone only has two. Now, as far as the rewards are concerned, you will get rotation A rewards after two and four zones. You will get rotation B rewards after six zones and rotation C rewards after eight zones.

The Sanctuary Onslaught Rewards Drop Table

You can see the rewards for the normal version of Onslaught down below which is basically a ton of relics, endo, Khora parts, and Captura scenes:

Rotation ARotation BRotation C
Khora Chassis Blueprint Rare (8.33%)Synthetic Eidolon Shard Rare (9.09%)Khora Systems Blueprint Uncommon (11.28%)
300 Endo Uncommon (10.19%)Khora Neuroptics Blueprint Rare (9.09%)Khora Blueprint Uncommon (11.28%)
Corpus Ship Freight Scene Uncommon (10.19%)300 Endo Rare (9.09%)600 Endo Uncommon (11.06%)
Grineer Sealab Centrifuge Scene Uncommon (10.19%)Meso T1 Relic Rare (9.09%)Neo G1 Relic Uncommon (11.06%)
Lith C4 Relic Uncommon (10.19%)Grineer Settlement Artillery Scene Rare (9.09%)Neo A2 Relic Uncommon (11.06%)
Lith B6 Relic Uncommon (10.19%)Meso T3 Relic Rare (9.09%)Neo Z2 Relic Uncommon (11.06%)
Lith K2 Relic Uncommon (10.19%)Meso D3 Relic Rare (9.09%)Neo M2 Relic Uncommon (11.06%)
Lith M4 Relic Uncommon (10.19%)Meso R1 Relic Rare (9.09%)Neo S11 Relic Uncommon (11.06%)
Lith A3 Relic Uncommon (10.19%)Meso M3 Relic Rare (9.09%)Neo N10 Relic Uncommon (11.06%)
Lith P2 Relic Uncommon (10.19%)Meso Z3 Relic Rare (9.09%)
Meso E2 Relic Rare (9.09%)

Now, this version of Sanctuary Onslaught, which is the normal version, is completely random. It will always pop you into a random tileset versus a random enemy faction and you just get random rewards. However, that is not the case for the Elite version. The Elite version of the Sanctuary Onslaught can access the same way as the normal version. You simply select the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught option instead of the standard one.

how to access to the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

Now, the rewards here are still random though different. You can actually get Peculiar mods in here, which should be mods that are basically just cosmetics. So, if you crit an enemy, you will, for example, plant flowers in them and ridiculous stuff like that. The tilesets and enemies should be the same and I’m saying should, because I’ve had some issues getting into it. It was fine the first time around, but the game did not want to let me do it again, and this will change every week so we can kind of learn the layout, we can learn the tilesets and the enemy types and we can push as far as we can to get as many rewards as possible.

The Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Rewards Drop Table

And here are rewards for the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught:

Rotation ARotation BRotation C
400 Endo Uncommon (10.84%)Synthetic Eidolon Shard Uncommon (10.84%)750 Endo Uncommon (15.18%)
Lato Vandal Receiver Rare (2.01%)400 Endo Uncommon (10.84%)Braton Vandal Stock Rare (2.01%)
Kuva Fortress Crevice Scene Rare (5.53%)Meso T1 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Braton Vandal Blueprint Ultra Rare (1.01%)
Lua Balcony Scene Rare (5.53%)Braton Vandal Barrel Rare (4.42%)Lato Vandal Barrel Rare (2.01%)
Meso T3 Relic (Radiant) Rare (5.53%)Braton Vandal Receiver Rare (4.42%)Peculiar Bloom Rare (2.01%)
Lith C4 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Lato Vandal Blueprint Rare (2.01%)Peculiar Growth Rare (2.01%)
Lith B6 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Meso D3 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Axi L2 Relic (Radiant) Rare (2.01%)
Lith K2 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Meso R1 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Axi A4 Relic (Radiant) Rare (2.01%)
Lith M4 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Neo Z2 Relic (Radiant) Rare (4.42%)Neo G1 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (15.18%)
Lith A3 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Neo M2 Relic (Radiant) Rare (4.42%)Neo A2 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (15.18%)
Lith P2 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Meso Z3 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Axi R2 Relic (Radiant) Rare (2.01%)
Meso M3 Relic (Radiant) Rare (5.53%)Meso E2 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (10.84%)Axi H4 Relic (Radiant) Rare (2.01%)
Neo S11 Relic (Radiant) Rare (4.42%)Axi L3 Relic (Radiant) Rare (2.01%)
Blazing Step Ephemera Blueprint Ultra Rare (1.01%)
Neo N10 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (15.18%)
Axi T2 Relic (Radiant) Rare (2.01%)
Axi K5 Relic (Radiant) Rare (2.01%)
Neo C1 Relic (Radiant) Uncommon (15.18%)

Sanctuary Onslaught - New Best Way To Level Up

Before this article is coming to an end, I want to talk about a certain benefit(besides relics, focus points and other stuff above) that the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught gives you and that is an insane amount of high-level enemies. And high-level enemies means lots of an affinity!

Now, what you should do is to unequip all weapons except for one to maximize the affinity gain for this specific weapon (25% warframe, 75% weapon). So, with affinity booster, it takes 10 waves on Hydron from rank 0 to 30. But in the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, you can rank up one weapon from 0 to 30 in just one zone! Even if you equip all of the three weapons you can rank them up in underneath 8 minutes (This works for the normal version of Onslaught too but requires a little bit more time).

Now, overall, I like this game mode. So far the enemies spawn super-fast. It was just a massacre all the way through. Though there are some issues with it. As of now, there are some serious frame rate issues whenever a new conduit portal spawns, drops my frame rates from 120 to like 5 or 10. Lots of people have been reporting crashes on like zones like 12 and above. And as I’ve mentioned already, the game would bug out every time I would try to access the Elite version of Sanctuary Onslaught after my first try. However, that is going to get fixed over time. And that is pretty much all I wanted to talk about. So, I thank you very much for reading. And I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.