Hey guys. As mentioned on the previous devstream Alerts are going to be replaced and now they have been. Nightwave series one is here and here’s what you need to know about the available rewards and how to get them.

How Does Nightwave Work

Warframe Nightwave: The Wolf of Saturn Six Guide So, a nightwave is an episodic radio show from Nora Night which will have several series. Each series offers unique rewards. There are 30 reward tiers for each series and you’ll require 10,000 standing to rank up each time.

Nightwave Acts

Standing can be earned by completing acts(challenges). Acts fall under three categories: Daily, Weekly, and Elite Weekly. Weekly and Elite Weekly challenges will refresh based on the timer on the bottom left.

Now, the Nightwave is a little bit different to other syndicates because you don’t actually use the standing you get by doing challenges to buy items. The reputation is used exclusively to rank up with a Nightwave and as you do so you will get some cool and unique rewards as well as a new currency called the Wolf Creds.

Warframe Nightwave Rewards

Nightwave:The Wolf of Saturn Six Ranking Rewards

Notable rewards are two weapon slots at tier four, a three forma bundle at tier seven, an Orokin Catalyst at tier eleven, the new Grakata augment mod(Wild Frenzy) at tier fourteen, 20,000 Kuva at tier 15, the new Mutalis Quanta augment mod(Bursting Mass) at tier 18, 20,000 Kuva at tier 19, the new Penta augment mod(Napalm Grenades) at tier 22, Arcane Energize at tier 25, another forma bundle at tier 27, and finally Umbra forma at tier 29.

Nora’s Wolf Creds Offerings Shop

Warframe Where to spend Wolf Creds As for Wolf Creds, you can spend these Wolf Creds in Nora’s Cred Offerings shop. Here you’re able to purchase Nitain Extracts, Orokin Catalysts, Orokin Reactors, Vauban parts, some mods, and a ton of cosmetic items. All put in from the previous alert system reward pull. These offerings will refresh at the same time as weekly challenges do.

How To Complete Challenges

You don’t have to activate any of the challenges to begin completing them. Just enter a mission and play as normal keeping the challenges in mind.

How To Complete Grafitti Act

You need to equip Glyph Prism to your Gear Wheel which you can do in your Armory. Then, once you get into any mission, simply use the Glyph Prism on any surface.

How To Complete Enhance Act

In order to complete this challenge, you will need to pick up eight rare mods. I suggest you go with the Index mission, preferably with Despoil Nekros (done in one run) otherwise it will take 2-3 runs.

How To Complete Grove Guardian

For this, you need either to complete The Silver Grove Quest or by having other players who complete this quest use their Apothics on the Silver Grove. After you craft any type of Apothic equip it to your Gear Wheel and use Apothic in any mission (except Defense) that has the Grineer Forest tileset.

How To Get Wolf Sledge

Finally, you can come across the Wolf himself randomly in any mission. He spawns like the Stalker except without any dialogue and flickering. Defeating him will give you parts of his new hammer - Wolf Sledge or random mods. You can also encounter his three minions in missions which require you to down them and capture them. Doing this gives you 50 reputation for each of them.

Remember your tiers and Wolf Creds are only useful up to the point that Nightwave series one ends. Duration of this series will be about 10 weeks. Once the Wolf of Saturn Six ends your Wolf Creds are no longer usable and you will have to earn your tiers back all over again. And that’s about it. Have fun with Nightwave and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

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