Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe farming guide. Today I want to talk about Nitain Extract. A pretty annoying resource when it comes to farming.

In total, we need over 100 Nitain Extract’s if you want to craft everything that requires the resource. Especially Vauban Prime can be a huge problem for some of you, he needs 20 in total!

You need 20 Nitain Extract to craft Vauban Prime

There are currently only three ways to obtain Nitain Extract:

Buy Nitain Extract From Nightwave Intermission Offerings

Upon ranking up through Nightwave Intermission’s 15 levels you’ll unlock a special currency called Nora Cred. And for 15 Nora Cred you can buy a bundle of 5 Nitain Extract.

Farm Nitain Extract from Resource Caches

In order to farm Nitain Extract you need to look for Resource Caches.

For example in the Void, there are two Sabotage missions called Stribog and Marduk. These missions have Orokin Caches, find all 3 of them and you’re able to get a Nitain Extract.

You can get Nitain Extract not only from alerts

The mission itself can be done very quickly and requires just a few minutes. Same goes for finding all caches. The Void is very simple for that. Solo takes around 5 minutes, but this depends on spawn points of the caches. And if you have a teammate it’s even better! One person for completing the objective and one for finding the caches. This saves a lot of time and you only need around 2-4 minutes.

Example of resource cache in the Void

This is not the only mission, there are even more missions with a Nitain Extract reward. It’s once again the mission Plato on Lua. This mission also is a decent place for farming some Forma. Because this is an exterminate mission, you can rush through the entire mission, but don’t forget the caches. The Nitain Extract is in rotation C which means all of the 3 caches are required.

Since the spawn point of the caches are also the same of the Sculptures, you are also able to get some of the Ayatan Sculptures.

Open resource caches to get nitain extract

Lua - Plato is a pretty nice mission to be honest. You are able to get crafted Forma, Ayatan Sculptures, and Nitain Extract. Keep in mind that the chance of getting Nitain Extract is very low. I can only recommend you to farm Nitain Extracts if you are in a hurry and if you want to farm them as fast as possible. If not, well, the alerts are probably enough for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s guide, see you guys soon!