Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe farming guide. Today I want to show you where and how to farm polymer bundles.

So, first of all you’ll have to unlock your Star Chart all the way up to Uranus for this to work and always go in a group of four. Also, I recommend you to use a resource booster to get far more polymer bundles of your farming time.

As for the squad, I suggest you to take you at least one Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm and at least one Nekros with Despoil for optimal results.

Where to Farm Polymer Bundles

Warframe Farming Polymer Bundles And the first spot is Assur in Uranus which is an infested survival mission. You need to find a tight room and just camp. Let Hydroid do his thing. So, in 15 minutes I was able to obtain upwards of ten thousand polymer bundles using a resource booster in a group of four.

So, the other spot is Ophelia which is also in Uranus and it’s a Grineer survival mission. Again don’t mess with the strategy find a tight room preferably one with the dead end and just camp. So, in Ophelia I was able to obtain upwards of 8,500 polymer bundles in the same amount of time.

And that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. So, I thank you very much for reading. I hope that it helps you out to farm lots of polymer bundles and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.