Hey guys! And the Nightwave Intermission Season popped up.

Nightwave Intermission Improvements

Now, this is not a full Nightwave Season. It only has 15 tiers of rewards as opposed to 30 like we got last time but it does have all the improvements already included. So, all the challenges that required you to do something with the clan mate or friend were removed, the more time-consuming challenges like finish 40 waves of Defense or do a 60-minute Survival have been scaled down a little bit to 20 waves of Defense or a 30-minute Survival. Also, DE lowers the amount of Ayatan Sculptures you have to socket for a challenge from five to three. They lower the number of sorties you have to finish from five to three as well.

Warframe Nightwave Intermission Challenges

Also, there are fewer Nightwave challenges each week. It’s been scaled down to five Weekly and two Elite Weekly, but their rewards have been buffed so you do fewer Nightwave challenges and you get the same amount of standing. Also, DE did implement the catch-up system so if you were to miss some challenges on week one if you finish all the challenges on week two the missed challenges from week one will start popping up so you can do them that week.

Nightwave: Intermission Rank Rewards

Now as I said already there are 15 reward tiers this time around and we have a new type of credit call the Nora Cred, and that’s what you get as your first reward. Here is the list of all the Nightwave: Intermission Rank Rewards:

  1. 100 Nora Creds
  2. 2000 Endo
  3. Robotic Slots
  4. 3 Orokin Cells
  5. Gamma Color Picker
  6. 50 Nora Creds
  7. 10K Kuva
  8. Rift Sigil
  9. 3 Forma Bundle
  10. Orokin Reactor
  11. 50 Nora Creds
  12. 10K Kuva
  13. Orokin Catalyst
  14. Aura Forma
  15. Eidolon Ephemera

Nora Creds Offerings Shop

Nora Creds Offerings Shop

Now, I’m not entirely sure if there is anything new we can buy with the Nora Creds because so far offerings seem to be the same as it was for Nightwave Season 1. So, we have some Desert-Camo Skin for weapons, some alternative helmets, different kinds of Aura mods, Nitain Extracts, Orokin Catalyst/Reactor, Vauban’s parts, and blueprints for weapons that we used to get from alerts.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the Nightwave Intermission ends on July 5th at 11:59 PM ET. So I wish you good luck with completing Nightwave challenges on time, and I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.

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