Hey guys and the Thermia Fractures Event is back once again. So, in this guide, I’m going to tell you how to do the event which will eventually give you the Opticor Vandal.

How to get Coolant Canisters

So, first things first, we need to find the Exploiter Orb in the Temple of Profit and kill those Coolant Raknoids to get Coolant Canisters. Actually, Coolant Raknoids can be found all across Orb Vallis but their presence is always guaranteed near the Temple of Profit. kill Coolant Raknoids to get Coolant Canisters

Thermia Fractures

After the Coolant Canister is acquired, you must then look for Thermia Fractures which can be easily identified from afar as a fissure constantly erupting with gas-like substance and bright orange liquid. How to find Thermia Fractures in Warframe

How to Seal Thermia Fractures

After you find one of those Thermia Fractures simply drop the Coolant Canisters into it. Now, if you want to do this event the most efficient way then deliver four canisters instead of just one since you get Diluted Thermia and 7 points to your score after successful defense. If you don’t have a full party, leave additional Canisters near the Thermia Fracture because if you want to add more of them you have to do it within 15 seconds.

Deliver four canisters to the fracture to complete event faster

Thermia Fracture Burps

Be aware that putting in more Canisters into one Fracture will also spawn harder enemies and result in the Fracture to burp with different effects from time to time – rendering protective Warframe abilities useless.

Different Types of Thermia Fracture Burps

Here is the full list of possible burps:

  • Nullifier Burp - Burst of energy that creates a nullifier volume around the Fracture for a brief moment.
  • Radiation Status Effect Burp - Damage burst with 100% Radiation Status Effect.
  • Rage Burp - Increases the damage output of nearby enemies.
  • Thermic Raknoids - Spawns Thermic Raknoids.
  • Eximus Burp - Spawns Eximus units.
  • Enemy Level Burp - Increases the current enemy level.

Warframes Suggestions For Thermia Fractures Event

For your first run, I recommend taking Frost because of his third and fourth abilities with Avalanche Build. You can pick Limbo or Khora as well. As utility frames you may consider to take Slow Nova, EV Trinity or Nekros. Also, try out Amesha and Inaros judging by this post they are the perfect fit for completing the Thermia Fractures Event.

Thermia Fractures Event Rewards

The rewards for the Thermia Fractures Event are as follows:

  • 5 Points: Operation Buried Debts Emblem
  • 25 Points: Amalgam Shotgun Spazz and Amalgam Serration mods
  • 50 Points: Amalgam Barrel Diffusion and Amalgam Organ Shatter mods
  • 75 Points: Operation Buried Debts Sigil
  • 100 Points: Opticor Vandal (Includes weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst)

And that’s pretty much it for the Thermia Fractures Event guide. I hope it was helpful and you will eventually get the Opticor Vandal. Bye-bye.