Hello everyone and today I am going to answer which focus school you should pick after completing the Second Dream quest.

Warframe Choosing Focus School

So, which focus school is the easiest to master and which is the best to invest in an early stage and which one will be really fun for you to use and also useful in the long run as a new player?

The first thing to know is what each focus school does and I will give you a very easy and quick synopsis of each school:

  • Zenurik Focus School is the school that deals with energy
  • Vazarin is a school that deals with health
  • Unairu deals with armour and damage
  • Madurai is for elemental, physical damage, and Void damage

    Naramon is for melee damage and stealth

Now, if you are looking for something easier as we have just discussed earlier then Zenurik will be the best focus school for you. You’re jumping into Warframe today and Zenurik is going to be your go-to move. This focus school will give you the best overall benefit in all Warframe activities. It gives you and your team some energy. It also works like Arcane Energize combined with Energy Siphon.Synopsis for each focus school in Warframe

Every other focus school is situation and style based. Don’t get me wrong, they are amazing and they are incredible but the selection of them are mostly based on the type of missions or your play style. Aside from Vazarin and Naramon the rest will be mostly used for a Eidolons captures and boss battles. Unairu and Madurai are going to be your Eidolon hunting schools because of Unairu Wisp and Void Strike. That is why you will notice whenever people are recruiting for Eidolon hunts they will ask for Unairu or Madurai focus schools.

Once you make your focus I will suggest you start investing in focus nodes that has in a description Way-Bound. This means that they are ones that you can unlock from another school and combine them to use it in your current focus school. Now, unlock them based on what you think you need at that point in time and as time goes on you can unlock the other schools as well.

Overall, I believe that choosing Zenurik Focus School is the best thing for you to do if you are getting into Warframe. Zenurik gives you an amazing new player experience and that is one of the things that will help you develop and also expand and give you a basic understanding even when you decide to start picking other schools. Focus points are not cheap for a new player and it will be best for you to invest in a school that will help you at your new player experience which is, of course, the earlier stages of Warframe. And that’s pretty much it. I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.