Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe build article. Today we’re gonna take a quick look at a very special weapon indeed. It is the weapon of the long-awaited Excalibur Umbra and the first weapon to be introduced with Umbra polarities the Skiajati.

So, first things first you get the Skiajati by doing the new Sacrifice questline. The Skiajati is a nikana that requires you to be at least mastery rank 11 to use it. And it does 77.1 damage per hit: 60.1 is slash, 11.6 is impact, and 5.4 is puncture. It has a very solid 27% status chance, an acceptable 15% crit chance, and slightly below average 1.9x crit multiplier. It comes with a V polarity in the stance slot which matches all the nikana stances. And as I’ve mentioned already it also has two Umbra polarities which match the new sacrificial mods. The weapon is also pretty fast. It has a base attack speed of 1.17.

But that’s not everything because there is also a unique mechanic: whenever you do a finisher, this does not work on ground finishers, by the way, you will turn invisible for five seconds. The invisibility does not count as an ability. So, you won’t be disclosed by nullifiers. However, if you perform any action other than just running around you will disclose instantly.

This actually has a very nice synergy with the Inaros passive where he will heal every time he kills an enemy with a finisher. Because when you resort to finishers as an Inaros you either killing something very beefy so usually very high level at which point invisibility can’t hurt or you really need to heal up at which point invisibility is actually really nice.

Skiajati Build

Now, the Skiajati build I ended up with is a two forma build where I’ve added a V and a dash. But you can easily go for one forma build where you use Virulent Scourge instead of Primed Fever Strike.

Skiajati 2 Forma Build

Now, the stance I’m using is Tranquil Cleave because it’s the one I like the most. But you can use whatever stance you want. They all have a V polarity. Then I’m using Sacrificial Pressure which even if you max it out isn’t quite as good as Primed Pressure Point but it does have some extra sentient damage so that’s nice. And it also matches the Umbra polarity and boosts Sacrificial Steel which is way better than True Steel. And I’m pretty sure the extra crit chance is overall way better than the extra damage.

Then I’m using Blood Rush to scale my crit chance as I build my combo counter and Organ Shatter to bump up the crit multiplier so I’m actually doing good damage with my crit. Drifting Contact for some combat duration and extra status chance. After which I have Condition Overload for more damage as I proc more status on the enemy. And I finished it off with Primed Fever Strike and Vicious Frost for a ton of viral damage and some status chance.

Now, one thing to bear in mind here is that this build has quite a bit of ramp-up time so it’s not the best for testing in the Simulacrum because you start with zero combo counter so you don’t have as much crit as you will normally have in a mission. You also need to hit the enemy once or twice to proc some status for Condition Overload to take a fact.

But anyway even with all of that said weapon still performs really well even in the Simulacrum from a cold start. So, it will easily take down even the toughest units from each fraction.

The Skiajati is an interesting little beasty indeed because while the stats aren’t top-notch the weapon is fast enough and has enough range so that you don’t need to run an attack speed mod or a range mod so you can go with full damage. And it feels absolutely fine that way. I generally just put Primed Reach on every single melee weapon but I don’t really feel the needs to do it here. It feels fine without it.

And then there is the unique mechanic you go invisible when you do a finisher which never gets in the way. It’s just nice to have. It’s a nice little bonus and I almost forgot the weapon is free. It comes fully leveled up and it has a potato. There’s really nothing to complain about here. This is just good. And that’s pretty much it. So, I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Skiajati Build and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

Original Skiajati Build Video