Hey guys and today we’re gonna take a look at Nezha Divine Spears Build and as you might guess it focuses on Divine Spears ability.

So, for Nezha Divine Spears Build, I’m using Energy Siphon here because I like the extra energy but you can swap it for Corrosive Projection for armor reduction, Sprint Boost for sprint speed, or kind of whatever you want. Auras are very subjective.

Warframe Nezha Divine Spears 2 Forma Build

Then to buff the damage of Divine Spears I’m using Power Drift, Transient Fortitude, and Intensify for 200% power strength. And then for additional of 50 whenever I pick up an energy orb I’m using Energy Conversion.

This is an amazing for a ton of spears because you do need to pick up an energy orb to get the bonus damage but it works really well on a build like this which you’re most likely going to use to do a lot of AoE damage. So, you’re going to be killing a lot of enemies so there’s a good chance they’re gonna drop an energy orb.

Next up I’m using Natural Talent to reduce the cast time of Divine Spears because the base cast time on that ability is just way too long and it felt awful without it. Though if you’re not bothered by the long base cast time you can easily swap this for something like Augur Secrets for more strength or Primed Continuity which will give you longer crowd control.

Then I am using Armored Agility for a little bit of sprint speed and some armor which will scale our Warding Halo. Augur Reach and Stretch for more range so we can hit enemies that are farther away. And finally, a fully ranked Fleeting Expertise for a lot of efficiency.

This Nezha Divine Spears Build surprised me quite a bit because I’m generally not a big fan of press four to win builds but the way this plays is actually really nice. It feels super smooth in a low-level mission where your Divine Spears do more than enough damage to comfortably one-shot everything and the added sprint speed makes this really good for speed running things such as exterminate. And while you’re Warding Halo is not as powerful, even if you do pick up an energy orb before you cast it as it is on the Nezha Safeguard Build, it is still pretty good.

And high efficiency of this build means that if you have Energizing Dash from the Zenurik Focus School you can pretty much sustain yourself as long as you pick up an energy orb here and there. It does start to slow down towards the end of the Star Chart so level 35-40 but it’s nothing too bad. It’s not like it doesn’t do any damage at that point. It will just sometimes need two casts before you kill enemies.

And it covers a large enough area to where you can comfortably take it as a DPS frame to something like IO or even Hydron to farm some affinity or focus or whatever you want. It is not as effective as Banshee Resonating Quake Build or Saryn Spore Build would be but it will get the job done.

And that’s pretty much it for the Nezha Divine Spears Build. And I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

Original Nezha Divine Spears Build Video