Hey guys and today we’re gonna take a look at Volt Eidolon Hunter Build that I personally really enjoy using for fighting the Eidolons.

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Now, the aura I’m using for Volt Eidolon Hunter Build is Energy Siphon because I try to avoid meta squads as much as possible. I find them incredibly boring because you’re not really fighting the boss you’re just capturing it as fast as possible. So, I either go solo or public which means most of the time I don’t have the magnetic protection so I lose all my energy during energy spike and Energy Siphon helps to bring it back up.

Then in the Exilus slot, I’m using Coaction Drift to increase Energy Siphon strength and effectiveness, so instead +0.6 Energy Regen we’ll have +0.7935 Energy Regen or even more if other squadmates equipped Energy Siphon as well.

Volt Eidolon Hunter 4 Forma Build

Then I’m using Natural Talent which is super nice for a build like this because what it allows you to do is jump up into the air place one shield very high up and then place another shield as you’re falling down which gives you the added benefit of being shielded from the homing missiles as well as the bonus crit damage you get by firing through the shield.

I’m also using Streamline for a little bit of extra efficiency so the shield isn’t as expensive and I can spam it all over the place. Then I have Vigor, Redirection, and Vitality for a ton of health and shields. And this is mostly because I tend to run this solo and the final phase is pretty hectic with a squishy frame like Volt. However, if you are running a meta setup the Eidolon is gonna die in like five seconds so you don’t really need defence.

Then I decided to add Shock Trooper into this build which allows you to use shock on your allies and give them a bunch of extra electricity damage for a decent amount of time because we have a lot of duration. And the reason why this is in my opinion really good at least in public squads, not meta squads because there you’re basically gonna one-shot the joins and then just butcher any of the Eidolons, is because the Eidolons are weak to radiation which is heat and electricity so if you supply an ally with this the extra electricity damage will combine with their already existing radiation and they will do a ton of extra damage.

And finally, to get some extra duration so our shield lasts a decent amount of time I’m using Primed Continuity and Narrow Minded and it just makes it so that you don’t have to recast your shields all the time.

This Volt Build has very quickly become my favorite Eidolon Hunter setup. And it’s also one of the fastest builds you can use when soloing the Eidolons because your shield is gonna help in all the phases. It’s gonna help you take down the Eidolon shields because firing your amplifier through it will boost its crit damage and when the Eidolon shields are down you can fire your sniper rifle through it to either do more damage to the joints or to the Eidolon itself.

Also, since shooting through the shield boosts your crit damage, crit base amplifiers are far better than the status or just pure damaged ones.

Another cool thing about this Volt Build is that it’s not limited to hunting Eidolons. You can very easily use it in a normal mission as a standard shield build. And it’s pretty good at surviving even sortie level missions because you have a ton of health and shields and you have the riot shield shielding you from the front. Just remember that if you want to carry the shield around with you it’s a good idea to increase speed because of the reduced movement speed.

Original Volt Eidolon Hunter Build Video