Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe build article. Today we’re gonna take a quick look at the Tipedo Prime that arrived with the Equinox Prime Access.

How To Get Tipedo Prime

Now, first things first the Tipedo Prime is obtained just like any other Primed item by crack opening of relics. So, the Tipedo Prime Blueprint is a common drop from the Lith P2 relic, the Tipedo Prime Handle is a rare drop from the Axi T2 relic, and finally the Tipedo Prime Ornament is an uncommon drop from the Neo N10 relic.

Tipedo Prime Stats

The Tipedo Prime requires you to be at least mastery rank 10 to use it and even though it doesn’t look like a polearm it’s actually a staff. Now, the weapon does 76 damage per hit with 60.8 being slash and 7.6 as both puncture and impact. It has decent of attack speed at 1.17, a pretty good crit and status chance both being at 24% and an above-average crit multiplier at 2.4x. And other than that the Tipedo Prime comes with two polarities a D, a V. And finally, an R polarity in the stance which matches Flailing Branch.

Tipedo Prime Build

Now, the build ended up running on the Tipedo Prime is this one: Tipedo Prime 1 Forma Build

It only requires one forma where you change the D polarity into a V. The stance I ended up running with is Flailing Branch because it matches the polarity so it saves you forma but you can easily just polarize it and use the other one instead. Then we have Primed Pressure Point for damage, Condition Overload for even more damage as we proc status on the enemy, Blood Rush so weapon’s crit chance scales with our combo counter which is followed up by Organ Shatter which takes the already above average crit multiplier all the way up to 4.6x.

Then we have Berserker for some attack speed, Drifting Contact for combo duration and status chance, and finally Vicious Frost and Virulent Scourge for viral damage and even more status chance.

Now, since we’re not using True Steel and we’re relying purely on the base crit chance the build does have a bit of a ramp up, especially when it comes to red crits. It takes a while to get all the way up to red crits. But it doesn’t really matter because Condition Overload with viral and slash is already strong enough and the crits are just a bonus. So, unless the first couple of enemies you fight are 130-150 level, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

It’s just a standard good melee weapon. It does mostly slash with good crit chance, good status chance, above average crit multiplier, and decent enough attack speed. So, it will trash pretty much anything you touch with it regardless of level or faction because as the enemies keep getting stronger so well you because you will get higher combo which means eventually you will start red criting and at that point, you just delete everything you touch.

So, in conclusion, Tipedo Prime is very strong and a little bit of generic weapon. So, I have no reason to not recommend this weapon because it’s very strong and assuming you already have the mods then the Tipedo Prime Build is pretty cheap, it’s only one forma. The only complaint that I personally have here is that the range isn’t amazing and it doesn’t feel that great without any range mods but it’s not too bad either. And it’s pretty much all I wanted to say. So, thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Tipedo Prime Build article and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

Original Tipedo Prime Build Video