Hey guys and welcome to another weapon build article. Update 22.8 introduced a new melee type called Warfan. Because of that let’s take a look at the very first Warframe weapon - Gunsen.

Gunsen 1 Forma Build

For the very first Warfan, Gunsen is an amazing weapon with a lot of potentials. If we take a closer look at the stats, it basically has everything we really need and want. The 1.17 attack speed is nice, it has a decent crit chance of 16% and it’s even a slash based weapon with a lot of status chance as well. With all of these great stats, damage output just great and enemies on the Star Chart have no chance at all. The only disadvantage is its rather small range and the little delay in a specific combo. Also, level 150 bombards and heavy gunner are very easy to kill thanks to the very high status chance and the slash. And if you are using a gas build, high level corpus techs requires just a few hits, even with a very low combo counter.

My default Gunsen build

For my Gunsen build I’m using:

  • Primed/Pressure Point & Condition Overload for the damage
  • Blood Rush and Organ Shatter for a crit build
  • Vicious Frost + Virulent Scourge for Viral damage
  • Berserker to increase your attack speed by 75%
  • Drifting Contact for a longer combo duration
Use Naramon Power Spike Passive with Gunsen

And if you’re using the Naramon Power Spike Passive, you can replace Drifting Contact with something like Relentless Combination. This mod helps you to build up a combo counter even faster, for even more damage.

Gunsen Gas Build

Gunsen build for gas procs

For the Gunsen Gas build simply use Volcanic Edge and Primed/Fever Strike to get a lot of gas damage. And same goes for this build, if you have the Power Spike Passive, you can replace Drifting Contact with Virulent Scourge. Since gas ticks are only affected by toxin stats, it will increase your damage by a lot.

Overall, a really nice melee weapon with amazing stats. I really recommend you try it out, especially if the rather low attack range doesn’t bother you. Well, that’s about it for today weapon build article. Bye-bye.