Hello and welcome to another Warframe Build article. Today we’re going to check out Saryn Build that focused around the Contagion Cloud augment. It’s one of the augments that got changed or rather buffed with the latest update so I wanted to see what I can do with it.

Because the thing is when you get Saryn the first thing you will most likely see is her spores. Saryn’s spores are incredibly powerful and when you build her for spores you can get a lot of things done, especially things like Elite Sanctuary Onslaught since she can wipe out the entire map in seconds. And for a while I want to try something different with her so that’s exactly what I did.

Saryn Contagion Cloud Build

Saryn Contagion Cloud Build So, let me explain the idea behind Saryn Contagion Build, the aura mod I’m using here is Energy Siphon and the reason for that is well I just want a lot of energy. I want to be able to cast Toxic Lash as well as Molt as often as possible. But I also don’t really need Corrosive Projection because of the types of weapons I chose and the way I modded them.

Then for the exilus slot I went with Aviator which is just an incredible mod it gives you 40% damage reduction whenever you’re in the air. It’s super cheap and it fits into the exilus slot so this is an amazing mod that more people I think should use. After that I wanted a ton of strength so I went with Blind Rage that’s two ranks from the top to save on some efficiency, though it is not entirely necessary.

I’m also running Intensify for a grand total of 211% power strength. Then for some additional range I decided to use Stretch which increases the size of the clouds left behind by Contagion Cloud which are pretty small by default but if you don’t feel like you need it you can put in Augur Secrets for more strength.

Then since this Saryn Build can actually put against some fairly high level enemies I decided to go with Steel Fiber and Vitality for some defense because well if you’re dead you’re not doing a lot of damage. But you don’t need to use these two in particular, you can play around with some different stuff like Primed Flow and Quick Thinking or even Adaptation just try them out and see what you like. Also make sure you put in some form of defense so that you don’t die the second you leave the Simulacrum.

After that I want to turn power duration to make everything last longer but also get some knockdown recovery so I went with Constitution but if you’re not going to be doing any melee and you’re just going to be fighting the enemies at a distance you can easily swap in Primed Continuity and you’re going to get more duration though you’re not going to have any knockdown recovery.

And finally we have the augments. The first one is being Contagion Cloud which is what this Saryn setup is build around which creates a 5 meter toxic cloud which is affected by power range that deals 300 toxin damage a second which is affected by power strength for 12 second which is affected by power duration.

Now you can see why we have this weird combination of stats but another thing that this augment grants is being that damage is twice as strong for melee kills and that’s one of the reasons why we have so much defense. It’s so that we can actually take a normal melee weapon, go full melee and get even more damage out of this Saryn build than we would otherwise with a ranged weapon.

Originally this was the only augment that I was using on the Saryn Contagion Cloud Build but after playing around with it a little bit outside of the simulacrum(Arbitrations, Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, etc) I had to put in Regenerative Molt for healing. Though you don’t have to use this if you’re just going full melee because then you can slap on Healing Return and it will keep you very healthy, especially with the secondary defenses that you have here.

The reason I went with it is because I didn’t want this Saryn Toxic Lash build to be full melee I wanted to use a ranged weapons as well since some of them synergize really well with this kind of setup. Also, this is just the best way of healing especially if you don’t have Grace Arcane which is very expensive.

And as far as the weapon setup is concerned the weapons that felt the best and I had the most fun with were a hybrid based Torid with Corrosive and Blast combined with a status-based Pox with Corrosive and Blast and a status-based Zenistar with Corrosive and Blast. The idea being that we’re going to use corrosive to strip away any armor the enemies have because that is the biggest damage reduction they have against the types of damage we do and we’re going to use blast to keep them in our area of effect.

Now as far as the damage is concerned, it’s actually quite good especially since our weapons are really good because with this much power strength we’re getting 67% of our weapon damage as extra toxin damage, so our weapons are pretty damn strong to begin with and it just keeps getting better and better and better as you get the ball rolling because the more enemies you kill the more clouds you have which is going to kill more enemies which is going to create more clouds and when you combine that with the AoE pf the weapons you get a lot of damage.

Now, I’m not saying that this build is better than a well-put-together Saryn Spore Build because very few things in this game are. But it’s, in my opinion, different in a good way. It’s something different to do with Saryn other than just try to pop as many spores as possible and it’s still pretty strong. And most importantly it’s a lot of fun. It’s a very active build but it’s a ton of fun to use.

And that is pretty much all I wanted to say. So, thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Saryn Contagion Cloud Build article and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

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