Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe article. Today we’re gonna take a quick look at Braton Vandal a weapon that was only available during a very short time period in open beta for one credit. But now if you want to get your hands on the Braton Vandal you will either have to buy it from other people using platinum or you will have to do the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.

So, the barrel and receiver can be gotten as a rotation B reward which you get after finishing zone six. And the stock and blueprint can be gotten as a reward from rotation C which you get after finishing zone eight. And this, of course, rotates over and over again. So, you can also get the barrel and receiver after finishing zone fourteen and the stock and blueprint after finishing zone 16 and so on and so on and so on. Don’t expect to get it right away though because the drop chances, especially on the stock and the blueprint, are absolutely terrible.

Once you finally gather all the Braton Vandal parts you will get a fully automatic primary rifle that requires at least mastery rank four to use it and does 35 damage with each shot: 21 is slash, 12.25 is impact, and 1.75 is puncture. It also has 16% crit chance with a standard 2x crit multiplier and 16% status chance. It can fire up to 7.5 rounds every second. It is very accurate. Ihas 50 rounds in the magazine with 550 runs in total and a reload time of 1.75 seconds. And finally, it also comes with one V polarity which is always nice

Now, the build I ended up with on the Braton Vandal is a pretty straightforward two forma hybrid build where I’ve added a V and a dash.

Braton Vandal 2 Forma Build that I use

It’s running Serration for more damage, Split Chamber for multishot, Point Strike and Argon Scope for crit chance, Vital Sense for crit damage. Then I have Vigilante Armaments for multishot and the crit overload. And I topped it off with Malignant Force and High Voltage for corrosive damage and status chance.

Now, I did originally want to go for a hybrid viral build instead where I would run Rime Rounds and Malignant Force for the viral and status chance and then Fanged Fusillade because while this doesn’t increase the damage of the slash procs it increases the amount of slash damage on the Braton Vandal and makes it so that the weapon is far more likely to proc slash.

And while it wasn’t completely terrible and you can still do it. You can even add in Hunter Munitions for more slash procs. It just didn’t feel particularly good. And it’s because the weapon is kind of weak so it’s nice of that corrosive damage so you’re slowly stripping away the enemy armor in the case of the Grineer and the Corrupted and some Corpus here and there. So, you’re actually doing some upfront damage on top of the slash procs. It actually feels okay versus the Infested. It’s not the worst thing in the world so this is probably the best faction to take this against especially at higher levels. And the worst faction to take this up against is probably the Corpus especially if you’re like me and you don’t like to constantly swap your element combos around every time you do a mission. The corrosive damage just doesn’t do an awful lot against them.

Overall, the Braton Vandal is just terrible. The problem here is that it’s a very solid mastery rank our weapon that would get you through the Star Chart but you will never get it at mastery rank four. First of all, the parts drop in the Elite version of Sanctuary Onslaught and I don’t know if mastery rank four players are even doing Elite Onslaught. And number two, the drop chance is just too low. I am pretty sure you’re gonna be like mastery rank 7 or 8 at least by the time you get the full set and at that point, you have access to way better gear.

It’s basically the same issue that I had with a single version of the Viper Wraith that’s sold by Baro Ki’Teer. It’s a fantastic weapon for people that can’t afford it. And don’t get me wrong I get it. It’s like a trophy weapon that was only available for not even a week like five years ago and you can farm it and have sort of this thing but it’s just so bad. I’m very sad now because I was so excited to finally pick it up and in the end, I was very happy to put it back down again.

It actually performs quite well on the Star Chart but once you start going into higher level fissures or high-level nightmare missions on planets like Sedna you will start to see the damage go down quite rapidly. So, the Braton Vandal is just not particularly strong and the farm for it is absolutely atrocious.

And if you like me and you like using the Braton series of weapons I would recommend the Braton Prime which some people say is sort of a side rate to the Vandal but I would argue that it’s just a straight upgrade because the damage distribution is a little bit better it’s slash and puncture whereas the Vandal version has slash and impact. And while it does reload slower and doesn’t have as much crit chance the status chance is much better. It has a bigger magazine and it fires faster. It’s also a lot cheaper if you don’t want to farm it because you can right now get the full set on PC at least for 10 platinum. And that’s pretty much it. So, I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Braton Vandal Build and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

Original Braton Vandal Build Video