Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe article. And today we’re gonna take a quick look at the newest addition to our primary rifle arsenal the Tiberon Prime.

How To Get Tiberon Prime?

Now, first things first, if you want to get your hands on the Tiberon Prime you can get the blueprint as an uncommon drop from the Axi O2 relic, a receiver is a common drop from the Meso O2 relic, a barrel is the Meso T1 Relic rare, and finally, the stock is a rare drop from the Meso T2 relic.

Tiberon Prime Unique Mechanic

Now, the Tiberon Prime comes with sort of a unique mechanic. Because it’s the first weapon in the game where you can switch between three different fire modes. You can either go full auto or you can go with a three round burst or a semi-auto mode. Now, all three of the fire modes actually have pretty good accuracy with the full auto being the worst with a bit of kick. But both the burst fire and semi-auto modes have perfect accuracy. It’s really nice.

Tiberon Prime Mastery Rank

The Tiberon Prime is a mastery rank 14 weapon and all three of the fire modes do 46 damage with each shot. The majority comes in puncture with 18.4 and the rest is split equally between impact and puncture with 13.8 of each. What does change however is the crit chance, multiplier, and status chance.

Tiberon Prime Fire Modes

So, the burst fire mode has 28% crit chance with a 3.0x multiplier and 20% status chance. It also fires three rounds with each burst as I’ve mentioned already.

The semi-automatic mode has a 30% crit chance with a 3.4x multiplier but only 18% status chance. The fire rate is also pretty decent because it can fire up to six rounds per second. And finally, there is the full auto mode which has 16% crit chance with a 2.8x multiplier, 32% status chance and a decent fire rate of 8.33.

And other than that the Tiberon Prime has 42 rounds in a magazine with 540 rounds in total. Two second reload time and it comes with three polarities a V and two D.

Tiberon Prime Builds

Now, I have two different builds on the Tiberon Prime both of which only require one forma which is a V.

Tiberon Prime Corrosive Hybrid Build

Tiberon Prime Corrosive Hybrid Build that I use

The first one is sort of a standard corrosive hybrid build which is running: Serration for more damage, Split Chamber for multishot, High Voltage and Malignant Force for corrosive damage and some status chance, Point Strike and Vital Sense for crit chance and damage. Then we have Vigilante Armaments for some extra multishot and a chance to overload our crit into an orange one as well as to utilize the first dash polarity. And finally, we have Hellfire for some extra damage and to utilize the second D polarity the weapon comes with.

This Tiberon Prime build focuses more on the upfront as well as removing the enemy armor with corrosion. It works really well with full auto mode as well as the burst fire mode. But it’s not as powerful when it comes to the semi-automatic mode where you’re not procing enough status to make the status worth it. It’s not terrible by any means it will still get you through the entire Star Chart and probably the vast majority of sorties as well. It’s just that the corrosive status effect doesn’t really work well with a single shot weapon. Because the corrosion happens very slowly.

What you can do however if you don’t mind switching between the fire modes, which you do by pressing the middle mouse button by default on PC, is simply shoot the enemy a couple of times with full auto strip away a little bit of armor and then finish them off with the semi-auto or even the burst.

Tiberon Prime Viral Munitions Build

Tiberon Prime Viral Munitions Build that I use

The second build is using: Serration for more damage, Split Chamber for multishot, Hunter Munitions which gives you a 30% chance to proc slash on the enemy whenever you crit. Then we have a Vigilante Armaments for some extra multishot and to once again utilize the first D polarity. Infected Clip and Rime Rounds for viral damage and some extra status as well as to utilize the second D polarity. And Vital Sense with Point Strike for crit chance and damage.

The build is definitely more powerful than the first one. Slash procs will do true damage so they bypass armor and shields and whenever you proc viral on the enemy you will temporarily reduce their maximum health in half which basically makes the slash procs do double damage. So, the overall just kills better than the previous build.

It also works somewhat better on the semi-automatic mode mainly because you only to proc viral ones rather than multiple times like with corrosive but also because of the high crit multiplier which leaves behind very nasty slash procs. But it’s sort of a double-edged sword because while the slash procs are really powerful especially if you get a nice chunky crit on a headshot they are far less frequent than they are with the full auto mode or even the burst mode. Also, if you’re a Harrow player I think you’re gonna like this one.

So, overall what do I think about the Tiberon Prime. Well, quite frankly I think it’s absolutely fantastic. I love the way it looks. I love the way it sounds and I love the way it handles. I really like the fire rate rhythm on all three of the fire modes. It’s just fantastic. It’s an overall just an awesome weapon. You can basically build it however you want. You can either go for full crit or full status or go hybrid. You can focus on any of the fire modes. You can build it for corrosive or Hunter Munitions with Viral. It’s just awesome.

I love weapons which give you choice which is why I really didn’t want to sacrifice any versatility with the weapon so I can use all the fire modes and I can basically do whatever I want with it. Also, since it comes with three polarities as standard any of the builds that you go for are going to be pretty cheap unless you want to go for something with Primed Cryo Rounds and a riven. So, you should definitely get the Tiberon Prime if you can and as always I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.