Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe article. Today we’re gonna take a quick look at one of the most unique secondary weapons at the Tysis.

First things first though if you want to get your hands on this weapon you simply buy the blueprint from the market. The blueprint will cost you thirty thousand credits. Then to build the Tysis you have to put an additional thirty thousand credits, 2 neurodes, 400 plastids, 900 nano spores, and 100 polymer bundles.

The Tysis requires you to be at least mastery rank nine to use it. And the reason it’s pretty unique is that its number one has the highest status chance of all secondary weapons of 50% and number two it does pure corrosive damage. Seventy-nine corrosive damage to be more precise.

Now, the Tysis is a semi-automatic dart gun that fires up to 2.5 darts every second. It has eleven rounds in the magazine with reload time of 1.2 seconds. Also, it has a very pathetic 3% crit chance and a below average 1.5 times crit multiplier.

Now, the darts do have travel time so you have to read the target, especially at longer ranges. But it’s not too bad because the darts are pretty fast. The weapon is also pinpoint accurate even with the darts that are generated by multishot which is super nice and it doesn’t come with any polarities as standard.

Now, I’ve tried a ton of different builds with the Tysis but this is the one that I like the most and it is a three forma build where I’ve added three V’s.

Warframe Tysis 3 Forma Build that I use

And the mods I’m using are Hornet Strike for damage, Barrel Diffusion for multishot, Lethal Torrent for fire rate and multishot. Then I have Augur Pact for more damage, Gunslinger for some fire rate because the fire rate is fairly low. And then I have Pathogen Rounds, Pistol Pestilence, and Scorch for gas damage. This also provides 100% status before multishot meaning that even the darts that are generated by multishot will always proc status.

So, the Tysis is just a solid weapon that will absolutely decimate the Star Chart. You can do high tier fissure and nightmare missions with it and you can even take it into sorties. I would personally recommend you check it out. I mean you might as well build it because by the time you get to mastery rank 9 you should have more than enough materials to build it. But I also feel like even though it is unique it should be mastery rank 8 maybe 7 because the other secondaries you get at mastery rank 9 are the Akbolto, Aksomati, Mara Detron, Embolist, Pox, Twin Grakatas, and the big one which is Twin Rogga. Twin Rogga is really good. Now, yes they are shotguns and they have pretty hard fall off but they do like 700 damage per shot.

And that’s pretty much it for the article. So, I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Tysis Build and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

Original Tysis Build Video