Hey guys and today we’re gonna check out Trinity Blessing Build which focuses on Blessing and it’s geared more towards providing massive damage reduction as well as healing to your entire team.

Now, for Trinity Blessing Build, I decided to go with Energy Siphon as my aura because Blessing can be pretty expensive especially if you don’t have a ton of efficiency. But once again if you feel comfortable with Corrosive Projection run that instead. Now after that, I am running Primed Continuity, Constitution, and Augur Message for a ton of duration so that I don’t have to cast Blessing over and over and over again to keep up the damage reduction which is followed up by two defensive mods of your choice. I’m running Vitality and Redirection here. But once again you can run whatever you want you can even run just one of them and put in another mod. Defensive mods are very subjective.

Trinity Blessing Build that I use

Then to get a little bit of efficiency without killing our duration with Fleeting Expertise I’m using Streamline for additional 30% of efficiency which is followed up by Primed Flow which allows me to bank a ton of energy so that I can cast Blessing multiple times for those moments where you just cast Blessing and someone is out of range or they get chunked just as you cast it.

And finally, we’re gonna top it off with the Intensify and Power Drift for more power strength which is gonna increase the damage reduction we get from Blessing. Now, this isn’t quite enough to max out Blessing because Blessing maxes out at 75% but it’s close enough because it will give you 72.5%.

Now what you want to do with this Trinity Blessing Build is pretty much just keep a Blessing as much as possible because taking 72.5% less damage across your entire team is amazing especially in sorties. Though you still want to keep Energy Vampire ticking on something so you constantly have pulses of energy going out and if you’re taking a ton of damage you might want to use a Link as well to redirect some of that damage to nearby enemies. Just bear in mind that you don’t have a ton of range on this build so if you’re using Energy Vampire use it on an enemy that’s fairly close to you.

And just like with the Trinity EV Build I would recommend you to open up the party window not just because you want to see the health, shields, and energy of your party members but to also see if someone is out of range via the affinity sharing icon. Because Blessing isn’t affected by power range it’s affected by the affinity sharing range. That also means that if you want to go ham on supporting you might want to invest into the Vazarin Focus School more specifically the Mending Unity node which increases your affinity sharing radius by 10m/15m/20m/25m as you level it up and this will increase the range of Blessing.

So, that’s pretty much it for Trinity Blessing Build. I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and it was helpful and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.