Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe build article. Today we’re gonna check out Garuda Build which is utterly disgusting if you know what you’re doing.

Garuda Build

Warframe Garuda 2 Forma Build So, the build I’m talking about requires two forma where you simply add two V’s. The aura I’m using is Steel Charge because it gives you a ton of mod capacity and also it isn’t really any other aura that would benefit this build too terribly much. Then I have Vitality and Steel Fiber for some extra beefiness though you could use a different combination of mods if you want to.

Primed Continuity for a ton of ability duration and Natural Talent which will speed up our casting animations by 50%. That is followed up by Transient Fortitude, Power Drift, and Intensify which gives you 200% power strength which is exactly how much you need to guarantee a slash proc whenever you hit a marked enemy.

I also decided to put on Streamline for some efficiency so that abilities are cheaper and I also get more energy through Bloodletting. And I top it all off with Stretch which just increases the explosion radius on the Dread Heart but also increases the range of the aura from Blood Altar.

Now the full damage combo for this is to simply jump onto an enemy with Dread Mirror turn the mirror towards the enemies and let them stack your Dread Heart by damaging your mirror. Then versus extremely beefy enemies you want to cast Seeking Talons and simply throw the heart. And that’s pretty much it. The enemies are dead. There is no other state the enemies can be in after they get hit by this.

Garuda’s Talons Build

Garudas Talons Build And for the Garuda’s Talons I’m just running a simple one forma build where I’ve just added a V. Now the stance I’m using is Malicious Raptor but it doesn’t really matter just use the stance that you like. Then I’m running Primed Pressure Point for damage, Primed Reach for range, Primed Fury for attack speed, and Buzz Kill which tilts the damage more toward slash so the weapon proc slash more than puncture and impact.

After that I have Drifting Contact for some combo duration and status chance plus Condition Overload so I do more damage as I proc status on the enemy. And finally, Vicious Frost and Virulent Scourge for status and viral.

Modding the claws is very much optional though. And you really don’t have to do it because they don’t benefit any over abilities and as soon as you equip another melee weapon that can very easily surpass the power of the claws you will lose access to them. The reason I decided to mod the claws is because well they look cool and I wanted to use them. That’s pretty much it.

Let’s talk a little bit about the Garuda Build. This build can do an absolute disgusting amount of damage and it’s because of the way the mirror works. Since what you’re doing with this build is basically taking the damage the enemies are throwing at you, multiplying it via the mirror/heart mechanic, and then throwing it back at them.

Also it’s pretty easy to bowls out by doing something as trivial as just not turning your mirror towards the most damaging enemy. It’s kind of the first thing I would focus on when you start playing Garuda blocking the right enemy with the shield because not only are you gonna get more damage but it will also make her feel significantly tankier.

Now an important thing to note here is that you don’t have to use the full damage combo like 98 and 99 percent of the time. You only really have to use it against the beefiest enemies. Since Seeking Talons on their own with this Garuda Build can bleed out enemies up to level 50 and the mirror/heart combination can easily kill enemies up to level 100 or even a 150 when it comes to the Infested and Corpus. So, you only have to use the combo versus the beefiest enemies at very high levels or just when you want to do a lot of damage really fast.

Now I really don’t think this Garuda Build is for everyone because you have to manage your own energy and it can feel pretty bad when you run out especially if you don’t have any Blood Altars up to heal yourself after you use Bloodletting. And it can also be very spammy at times. But I’ll say I like this kind of spammy because it makes sense once you get into it. And it’s pretty much all I wanted to say. I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Garuda Build and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

Original Garuda Talons Build Video