Hey guys and welcome to another weapon build article. Today we’re gonna take a quick look at a secondary weapon that I’ve been eyeballing for quite a while because it’s kind of interesting and it goes by the name of Embolist.

Now, first things first if you want to get your hands on the Embolist you will first have to research it via the Bio Lab in your dojo. If you then want to build the Embolist you have to invest additional 30000 credits, five Mutagen Mass, 15000 Salvage, 1200 circuits, and one forma.

The Embolist is a secondary beam pistol that requires you to be at least mastery rank 9 to use it. It does 35 toxin damage per tick. It fires up to 8 rounds per second with 33 rounds in the magazine 210 rounds in total and 1.3 seconds reload time. It is a very low 3% crit chance with a below average 1.5x crit multiplier and a very nice 41% status chance. It also comes with one Dash polarity which is not the worst thing for a secondary weapon.

Embolist Corrosive Build

Now, the build I ended up with on the Embolist is a very cheap one forma build where I’ve just added one V. And the mods I’m using are Hornet Strike for damage, Barrel Diffusion for multishot then I slapped on Augur Pact for even more damage, Lethal Torrent for fire rate and multishot.

Embolist Corrosive Build

And then I have Ruinous Extension. Now, this is very much a personal preference. I just didn’t like the short range of the weapon and you can easily swap it out for the Eroding Blight augment mod. Though this is going to require one more forma. The Embolist just didn’t feel right without it because I was constantly firing at enemies that were too far away for the weapon to hit them so I was wasting a lot of ammo and this made it feel a lot better.

Then I’ve added Scorch for some heat damage and status chance. And I topped it all of with Pistol Pestilence and Jolt for corrosive damage and capped status because with three dual stat mods you’ll have 100% status chance.

Now, this Embolist build performs really well against anything with armor. So, most of the Grineer and some of the Corrupted. The immense amount of multishot that secondaries can get combined with 100% status chance and a decent tick rate means that this is one of the best weapons for stripping away armor. And once that’s done the huge amount of damage per tick is more than enough to kill anything.

It’s decently effective versus the Infested as well. But since they generally don’t have armor you lose out on the effectiveness of your corrosive procs. And it is complete garbage versus the Corpus, you’re probably gonna run out of ammo before you kill a heavy unit at around level 100 which is why you might want to switch to this Embolist build instead.

Embolist Gas Build

Warframe Embolist Gas Build

Here we’re running Pistol Pestilence and Scorch for gas damage and then Jolt for some electricity which provides crowd control and also caps your status. Now, this one unlike the previous one is a complete garbage versus Grineer though you can get a decent amount of crowd control out of it with the electricity. And if you keep firing you will eventually infect them with so many toxin procs so they will die.

But it performs better versus the Infested especially when there is a lot of them so the gas clouds overlap and you proc an insane amount of toxin on everything within range. And it’s really good versus the Corpus as well because the toxin procs from the gas clouds will go straight through their shields and proto shields. And every now and then the gas clouds will take care of the annoying drones that are flying around as well.

Now, the Embolist is pretty interesting because it’s basically like a pocket version of the Ignis that just sprays out mad amounts of status at the cost of crit because it doesn’t really have any.

The Embolist is pretty unique when it comes to secondary weapons because the closest thing that I can think of it’s probably Atomos which is another secondary beam weapon. But this one is far less reliable on the status front. It does a less damage though that is kind of balanced out by the fact that it has decent crit so you can build it for the hybrid.

But what in my opinion makes the Atomos stand out above the Embolist is that it’s cheap, it’s available from the market, and it only requires a mastery rank five rather than nine. The way I see it is that the Atomos is better for lower level stuff and the Embolist scales better a late-game though it will require more investment.

So, I would honestly recommend you check the Embolist out because the amount of status this thing can pump out is just insane. And I almost forgot to mention this it also has perfect riven disposition so you can get some rolled riven with like mad stats and turn this into God tier weapon And that’s pretty much it. So, I thank you very much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Embolist builds and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

Original Embolist Build Video