Hey guys and this is just going to be a quick guide for the new summer tactical alert in Warframe - Dog Days. So, let’s get right into it.

Dog Days has four stages which are all the same thing but provide different rewards.

Dog Days Event Rewards

Dog Days Event Rewards

Stage one will provide you with 50,000 credits and a Redeemer Abysso Skin, stage two will provide you with 50,000 credits and the Hydroid’s Relay Captura Scene, stage three gives you 50,000 credits and Hydroid’s Noggle Statue, and stage four gives you an Orokin Reactor and the Stratos Emblem.

Dog Days Event

So, the event is pretty simple - go in, pump up your water gun, and soak a few executioner’s. Each round will last for five minutes. At the end of it you receive Nakak Pearls and when you exit the stage and check your inbox, you’ll receive the one-time only unique reward for that stage.

Nakak Pearls

As for Nakak Pearls, stage one will give you ten Nakak Pearls, stage two will give you twenty, stage three will give you 30, while stage four will give you 50 Nakak Pearls per round.

Nakak Special Offerings

To spend Nakak Pearls, go to Nakak in Cetus. Dog Days Event Nakak Special Offerings

There’s some unique cosmetic items bound to the Dog Days Event such as the Beach Color Palette, the Dogs Days Emblem, some squishy beach ball floofs, the Dog Days Sigil, and the Dog Days captura scene.

You can ignore the mods as they’re all obtainable from Kela De Thaym assassinations. Anyway as you’ll need a ton of pearls to redeem the items you want, you’re forced to stay until round ends which is five minutes.

Dog Days Noggle Pack

Finally, there’s a limited time special Dog Days Noggle Pack with a bunch of noggle statues for 240 platinum and Rollers color palette for 75 platinum. And that’s pretty much it for the Dog Days Event Guide. I hope it was helpful and good luck farming those Nakak Pearls. Bye-bye.

Original Dog Days Event Guide Video