Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe article and The Razorback Armada event has returned or should I say the Razorback is back?

Now, this is actually our own doing because it’s tied into the invasion system. But I’m not sure which way this actually works if it if you help the Corpus they can get resources faster and they build the Razorback faster or if it’s the other way around where you help the Grineer which pushes up the Corpus and they build the Razorback. Anyway, they finished building the Razorback and they are now in Kronia Relay on Saturn.

Razorback Armada Event Rewards

There are a few things you can get from doing The Razorback Armada event. So, first of all, if you defeat the Razorback three times you get a free fully build potato(Orokin Catalyst) and 200 thousand credits. And every time you defeat the Razorback and extract you get one random part for Gorgon Wraith and you can also get some cool mods. I managed to get myself a couple of toxin base dual stat mods which are actually not that big of a deal because Captain Vor drops them in the Void. But I also got one of the puncture based event mods the 120% one. I got the shotgun one - Breach Loader.

What you need to build Razorback Cipher

Now, in order to do the mission, you will need to build a Razorback Cipher which you will get a blueprint for from Lotus as soon as you log in.

Razorback Cipher Build Requirements

Now, to build the Razorback Cipher you will need 3500 polymer bundles, three gallium, and four Cryptographic ALUs and each cipher will take one minute to build.

Where to farm Cryptographic ALU?

best place to farm Cryptographic ALU

Now, the Cryptographic ALUs only drop in archwing missions and I would very much recommend you do the missions Salacia on Neptune. Because if you do this in a party you will get ten plus of them per run. This is a mobile defense mission and it spawns a busload of enemies if you’re running in a four-man party. Just make sure to pick up everything the enemies drop. Also, don’t forget to equip the cipher into your gear slot because the game will not let you enter the mission without it.

How to defeat Razorback?

Now, the boss fight didn’t change. It works the same way it did last time. So, you have to hack a console which releases a Bursa. Then you need to defeat the Bursa and hack it which will cause it to eventually knock down the boss and allow you to damage it. You do this four times and the boss is dead.

Guide How to kill Razorback

I would recommend bringing in a tanky frame(like Rhino or Nezha) though because the boss can do a lot of damage and as you were making your way to the boss you will have to fight a lot of Bursa and Hyenas. And you will have to find some of these Hyenas because as soon as they see you they will lock down the door and it’s not always possible to hack the console and then sprint to the door because sometimes they will just lock it again. So, the best thing you can do is just kill them and then hack the console.

Now, even if you get really lucky and you get a different Gorgon part each time you will have to do this more than three times because Gorgon Wraith requires four parts if you include the blueprint. Luckily though, all the parts are tradable. So, have fun with The Razorback Armada event and I thank you very much for reading and I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

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