Hey guys. And the Bo Prime along with the Loki Prime and the Wyrm Prime have emerged from the Prime Vault. Today I'll be showing you which relics you'll need to farm to get Bo Prime and where you can farm these relics.

Bo Prime Relics

So, Bo Prime parts scattered across three different relics:

  • Axi L4 that drops Bo Prime Ornament
  • Lith O2 that drops Bo Prime Blueprint
  • Neo V8 that drops Bo Prime Handle

Bo Prime Relics Farming

How To Get Bo Prime Ornament Relics

You can obtain Axi L4 Relics from Aten - a mobile defense mission or Marduk - a sabotage mission. Both of them have a chance to drop a Neo relic as well.

Xini also has a high Neurodes drop, so be sure to keep an eye for Neurodes.

How To Get Bo Prime Blueprint Relics

For farming Lith O2 Relics the Heppit mission in the Void is a great option. It’s a quick capture mission which you can repeat pretty quickly.

How To Get Bo Prime Handle Relics

For Neo V8 Relics, my recommendation is Belenus in the Void. Belenus is a straightforward defense mission best attempted with a team and you should be able to get two Neo relics in 10 waves most of the time(or one Meso and one Neo).

Finally, relic packs always a decent way to get your hands on those new Bo Prime relics.

And that’s pretty much all I want to say about Bo Prime Relics farming. I hope this guide helped and good luck with farming. Bye-bye.