Hey guys! Welcome to another warframe article and today I want to show you a pretty cool way of farming Cetus Wisp.

Those little things. Because you’re gonna need quite a few of those little things. If, for example, you want to build a basic Railgun for your operator you’re gonna need thirty of them which is quite a lot.

You can get wisps by doing bounties but that is not very efficient. First of all, you don’t get a lot of them and, second of all, there is loads of other rewards that you could get instead of the wisps. I don’t think wisps are gonna be that big of a deal later down the line, because if you keep doing bounties and just running around the Plains you’re naturally gonna build a a lot of them, so you’re gonna be okay. But, for now, we need a lot of them and you don’t get a ton by just playing the game normally.

So, I did a bunch of testing which was basically just me running around like a madman on my vault and I found out few things about the wisps. So, number one, it doesn’t matter what time it is they will spawn during the day, during the night, dusk, dawn. It doesn’t matter, they will always be there. They spawn near water though I haven’t seen a single wisp on the shore, only near lakes, rivers and ponds. They have set spawning locations though they don’t spawn there every time.

There can be multiple spawn points for wisps near a single body of water and, it seems, I’m actually not sure about this one.

They don’t spawn continuously because I was running around the map for about thirty minutes going from one body of water to another and I didn’t get any wisps to spawn. So, it seems like if you want more wisps to spawn you have to go to Cetus and then back to the plains to basically load another instance for more wisps to spawn. Know that information, we can easily conclude that the best way of farming wisps is to leave Cetus and run across as many bodies of water and as many spawn points as possible and then go back to Cetus and do it again and again and again. It kind of sucks that we have to do it this way. I would have been much happier if the wisps spawn continuously so I wouldn’t have to go back to Cetus every four minutes but it’s what it is and it works.

Okay, now here is how I do it.

how to farm cetus wisp

This is the route that I take and it seems to be working pretty well. I usually get somewhere between one to four wisps and it only takes about 4 min to do for me. You could probably do it faster if you have a better setup. I’ve tried a couple of different routes some of them were a little bit faster than this one. Some of them even had a higher amount of wisps on average but this one seemed said the best balance of time spent vs. wisps acquired.

But if you find the route that I take for farming Wisp not so efficient you can choose another one based on this map which shows all possible Wisp spawn locations.

how to get lots of Wisps

And that’s pretty much it. This is what you want to do if you want to get wisp.